Consumer Review Report with Dianne Ribecca

Dianne Ribecca is a United States Air Force veteran during Desert Shield / Storm. She was a news and sportscaster at WKXL in Concord, NH. Consumer Review Report airs on WMCK.FM Internet radio in McKeesport and serves the entire Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania area.

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Consumer Report Magazine "Ask The Experts" About Cast-Iron Cookware, Mini-LED TVs, and Robocalls


Every month, Consumer Report Magazine has an "Ask The Experts" section. On this show, I've compiled some "Ask The Experts" questions relating to the coronavirus, human & pet health, car questions, food & cooking, TVs, and the annoying robocalls.

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Arctic Air Freedom Review & Bitcoin Talk


We've talked about the Arctic Air personal space cooler but now they have the Arctic Air Freedom neck fan. Find out how TV Stuff Reviews rated this product. Also, why does bitcoin have any value and what scams are out there to gain bitcoins.

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Consumer Prices Are Rising & More Scam Alerts


Consumer prices are rising on products from new and used cars to food. But is this inflation of prices short-lived? Also, more scam alerts including a strange home / landline phone glitch that can scam you even when you try to do the right thing.

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Spring 2021 Apple Product Announcements


Apple's Spring 2021 products were unveiled to be available May 2021. The iMac, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K streaming box, Siri TV remote, and Apple podcasts had significant improvement upgrades while a new product was introduced, the Apple AirTag.

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