Consumer Review Report with Dianne Ribecca

Dianne Ribecca is a United States Air Force veteran during Desert Shield / Storm. She was a news and sportscaster at WKXL in Concord, NH. Consumer Review Report airs on WMCK.FM Internet radio in McKeesport and serves the entire Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania area.

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iPhone 12 Reviews And Verizon 5G Rollout


Everybody is excited that the new apple products are being ushered in including the iPhone 12 family. Not everyone is excited though as Thio Joe tells why he's not. Also, Verizon makes an announcement on rolling out their 5G and why it's special.

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Beware Of Fake Reviews And Counterfeit Products On Amazon


As you may know, by listening to this podcast I refer to Amazon as "the most magical place on earth". That does not mean Amazon does not come with some short falls. So I talk about the fake reviews and counterfeit products that can lead you astray.

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Consumer Reports Magazine Talks Cars


Questions from readers about car issues from "When is a good time to buy a used car?" to "I saw a sign for 'walnut blasting' service at my auto shop. Which cars need that?" and "Should I use tire gloss when cleaning my tires"?

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Medicine From China


Did you know that China 🇨🇳 manufactures 80% of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in our over-the-counter and prescription medications? Did you know that all of our penicillin is manufactured overseas? Is this wise not to have control of the drugs?

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