Consumer Review Report with Dianne Ribecca

Dianne Ribecca is a United States Air Force veteran during Desert Shield / Storm. She was a news and sportscaster at WKXL in Concord, NH. Consumer Review Report airs on WMCK.FM Internet radio in McKeesport and serves the entire Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania area.

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CR Magazine's 2020 Favorite & Disappointing Cars Short List


CR Magazine talks about their favorite and disappointing cars in 2020. also weighs in on the 10 Most Reliable Cars in 2020. Also, keep informed on car-wrapping scams and what that is. Also, CR's Ask The Expert car questions.

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Consumer Report Magazine Ask The Experts Questions


CR Magazine's Ask The Expert section in each issue answers consumer's questions on a variety of subjects. This show focuses on questions about laundry, such as how to get rid of front loader odor, health, and the coronavirus.

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Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses A Help or Hype?


Are blue light blocking glasses a help when looking at digital devices? Do they really help avoid future eye problems? Find out what marketing tactics is based on real or false information. You decide. Are blue light blocking glasses right for you?

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Pet Gifts & Awesome As Seen On TV Products


Find out amazing gifts you can buy for your pets like cat treadmills and, if it's in your budget, a $40,000 dog house. Find out what gifts can help out the pet owner too. Also, the top 20 list of the most awesome As Seen On TV products over the years.

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