Consumer Review Report with Dianne Ribecca

Dianne Ribecca is a United States Air Force veteran during Desert Shield / Storm. She was a news and sportscaster at WKXL in Concord, NH. Consumer Review Report airs on WMCK.FM Internet radio in McKeesport and serves the entire Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania area.

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Mad about RoboCalls?


We talk about an article from the May 2019 issue of Consumer Report magazine, which talks about why these calls are allowed to occur, what may be done in the future to limit these calls, and what you can do to protect yourself, now, from these calls

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TV Antennas...Will They Help You Ditch Cable?


This week, we'll be talking about TV Antennas, mostly about the indoor TV Antennas. Do they work the way they're supposed to? Are they worth ditching cable to use instead of? Are they worth spending your money on? Is there one better than the other?

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A Review Of The Arctic Air Ultra...👍 or 👎


Some time ago we did a review of the original Arctic Air personal space cooler. TV Stuff Reviews gave it 4 ⭐s and Amazon reviewers gave it 2.5 ⭐s. Find out what TV Stuff Reviews and Amazon buyers thought of the upgraded Arctic Air ULTRA.

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Here A Subscription Service, There A Subscription Service, Everywhere A Subscription Service


Instead of selling a customer a product once, businesses are devising ways to get the customer's money on a monthly basis. But when you have to pay for multiple subscriptions to get the products you want, how much is too much?

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