Consumer Review Report with Dianne Ribecca

Dianne Ribecca is a United States Air Force veteran during Desert Shield / Storm. She was a news and sportscaster at WKXL in Concord, NH. Consumer Review Report airs on WMCK.FM Internet radio in McKeesport and serves the entire Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania area.

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The Demise of Shopping Malls as We Know Them


Shopping malls aren't only a shopping experience, they are a social experience. With the decline of shopping malls as we know them, either by closing down or transitioning from shopping to entertainment, our shopping mall experiences will have to change.

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Electric Cars & EV Charging


Listen here for the Best Electric Vehicles Of 2021 rated by Edmunds. Also, listen for how Tesla, GM, and others plan to fix EV range anxiety by upgrading and producing more EV charging according to CNBC. Also, Mustang Mack-E reviewed by Verge.

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Bitcoins & Ethereum? What Are These?


The mysterious world of cryptocurrency. What is a bitcoin? What is a ethereum? How do they exist? Find out the answers to these and more as we listen to audio with in-depth explanations about the mysterious world of data and currency.

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More Scams & 2021 Hyundai Elantra Info


Find out what scams to look out for in 2021 to put the scammers out of business. Consumer Report Magazine tells about their first impressions of the 2021 Hyundai Elantra plus they answer reader car questions like why fender benders are so expensive.

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